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Valeria Lacerda

Valeria Lacerda

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Hi, I'm Valeria Lacerda, a ThetaHealing Instructor, Therapist and Spiritual Women Mentor.

Valeria Lacerda is a passionate and dedicated ThetaHealer instructor and practitioner with years of experience. With more than 16 ThetaHealing certificates and extensive training, Valeria has conducted numerous transformative one-on-one ThetaHealing sessions, helping clients identify and release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. Her compassionate guidance and expertise have supported individuals in exploring their emotions and navigating through challenging life situations.

Valeria is known for her comprehensive healing plans, which are tailored to each client's specific needs and goals. Through her work, she has maintained a deep commitment to providing personalised and transformative healing experiences. With a focus on creating a safe and supportive space, Valeria empowers her clients to embark on their healing journey, promoting self-awareness and personal growth.

As a ThetaHealer instructor, Valeria shares her knowledge and passion with aspiring practitioners. She teaches comprehensive courses, delivering in-depth instruction on the principles, techniques, and applications of ThetaHealing. Valeria is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience, mentoring and guiding students towards becoming proficient ThetaHealers.

Beyond her professional work, Valeria is also the founder and facilitator of EmpowerHer, a women empowerment program. Through this initiative, she guides women in rediscovering self-love and building self-confidence. Valeria creates a nurturing environment where participants can share their experiences and support each other's growth. Her program focuses on helping women overcome self-limiting beliefs and embrace self-care practices, promoting resilience, self-compassion, and a positive mindset.

With a strong belief in the importance of personal development and self-care, Valeria is committed to empowering individuals to understand their emotions and navigate through life's challenges. Her dedication to the field of ThetaHealing and her passion for guiding others on their healing journeys make her a trusted practitioner, instructor, and advocate for personal growth and transformation.

With Love, 

Valéria Lacerda