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Valeria Lacerda

About Me

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Hi im Valéria.

ThetaHealer Instructor and Practitioner. 
Silent Counselling Practitioner. 
Crystal Healer. 
Love to Meditate. 
Mind Designer.

My Journey in Thetahealing started when I knew I had to deal with past traumas, emotions that i HID and LOCKED on the deepest place on my subconscious mind, and it took me 30 years to unlock that door. 

It took  around 2 months of healing session to have a massive shift in my life, to see myself clearly, to understand that I AM NOT my traumas, I AM NOT a label of what happened to me and most important I am NOT a victim and its NOT my fault. 

Once I learned what I learned with every situation that I ever experienced and the virtues I gain, I was able to shift it, and by that I mean, once you learn the good you learn from a bad situation you are able to let that trauma go, to see it with different eyes. 

Now I am committed to help YOU to understand who they truly are, to come out of the shadow they hiding, to face their traumas with kind and love. 

I can guide you on a journey where you will be able to see that you are much more than the current situation you a living now. 

You can live the life you always dreamed.