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Valeria Lacerda

The Awakening

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It all starts with MINDSET.

Whatever you THINK and SAY it's what you are going to attract, just like that.

The Awakening is design to reach every part of your subconscious mind.

What limiting beliefs are you caring?

Do you feel as if no matter how hard you swim you still find your self in the same place?

In order to change the RESULTS you must first change your THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and ACTIONS!

How? by accessing past events that are locked under 7 keys, "protecting" you from achieving your DESIRES.

Did you know that by healing you, you are also healing those around you?

Be the one that BREAKS the CICLE.


The Awakening Program is a 12 weeks 1to1 personal development healing journey.
4 session per month, 1 session per week.
Multidimensional Therapy
Access to Guide Meditation
Energy Cleanse
Energetic Home Cleanse
What limiting beliefs are you still caring from your ancestors?
The Journey

Releasing blockages that stops your from Healing
Is about healing your deepest traumas.
Spiritual Growth.                             
Life Purpose
Home Cleanse
Be Awake