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Silent Counselling

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250£ for 3x 45 minutes session.

Rapid Energy Release Technique,

Silent Counselling is a soothing healing modality where you are not required to talk about the issue. We will work around certain points in your body and the energy is released through a breathing exercise. 

It addresses root causes, not just the negative emotion, the effect is a long-lasting change. 

The usual trigger factors that send someone spiralling backward no longer have power over them. 

There is no need for clients to talk about a past event or trauma.

It is a fantastic self-help tool to address trapped emotions that cause 90% of all pain. 

It empowers people to make positive changes in their life, allowing them to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful.

The benefits are felt very quickly – either immediately or within 24 hours.

It helps people make decisions and empowers them in their life choices.